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POX Screening Decision Tool

Equipment Overview

Masimo Rad 5

A variety of pulse oximeters are available for use in newborns. Important features to look for when choosing a pulse oximeter are:

  • “Next generation” or signal extraction technology that provides accurate readings with movement, high ambient light and low perfusion
  • Readings that report functional oxygen saturation
  • FDA approval for use in newborns

Always choose a probe recommended by the manufacturer for use with the pulse oximeter:

  • Both disposable and reusable probes with a disposable foam wrap are available.
  • Probes are available in two sizes: neonatal probes for babies weighing less than 3 kilograms, and infant probes for babies weighing 3 kilograms or more.

Masimo Rad-5v Datasheet

Masimo Tools and Technology to Start Your CCHD Screening Program

FDA Letter Regarding Approval of the Rad5v

Pulse Oximeter Vendors

40 Parker
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