Have a question about a failed screen?

Call us directly: 1-608-262-2122

Report a Failed Screen

Failed Screen

  • Oxygen saturation <90% in right hand or foot
  • Three consecutive screens one hour apart with oxygen saturation 90-94% in right hand and foot or >3% difference in saturation between right hand and foot

Next Steps

  • Clinical assessment and stabilization if needed
  • Evaluate for infection and respiratory distress
  • Echocardiogram
  • Consult pediatric cardiology
  • Call the Wisconsin Shine Project hotline to report a failed screen

Wisconsin SHINE Project Hotline: 1 (608) 262-2122

Contact your pediatric cardiologist with all questions about how to care for an infant you suspect may have CCHD.

Data collected as part of the SHINE project will be used to determine the incidence of Critical Congenital Heart Disease in Wisconsin and correlate screening results with clinical outcomes.

Pulse oximetry screening results for all babies will be recorded on the newborn screening blood card. This data will be collected at the State Lab of Hygiene at the time the newborn screen is processed and entered into the WE-TRAC/Heart database. The WE-TRAC/Heart database is similar to and modeled on the database used to record the results of newborn hearing screens in Wisconsin.